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This service is implemented due to the great ignorance of trained animals, this involves civil and police use.

A great number of people think that it is dangerous to have trained dogs in their companies, demeriting the great capacity of persuasion that these animals possess. They are not dangerous, if they have been well selected for this task. These animals must possess a good training and be guided by people highly qualified for such purpose.

We detail something very normal about any specimen that has a good training and meets the necessary conditions for this work.

The human being, perceives sensations by intuition of 80 m/s, whereas the dog surpasses it notably, being able to capture sensations with a speed of 1400 m/s. If we take as an example that the nervous network of the dog has an extension of 1.5m. approximately and add the response already resolved in the brain system with an equal length, e.g. 1.5 m., we sum 3m. Therefore, and by means of a mathematical relation it can be said that the dog would react in this situation in 0,002 thousandths of a second. If to this, we add that we can perceive a smell of 0,16cm, while the dog perceives them up to 1600m., and bearing in mind that our ear for a certain sound X, as minimum captures infrasound to 12 hertz and as a maximum of 20.000 hertz, being surpassed by the dog that arrives at 90.000 hertz of ultrasounds or sounds of high frequency.

We realize that they are very necessary in this type of work, being able to form a very coordinated team with the guide and therefore it is difficult for the delinquent to avoid them.

We are at your disposal to clarify any doubt that arises in this regard, providing all our wealth of information at the time you think convenient.

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