Dog Rentals

This service has animals trained for both Civil and Police use. It has a staff of dogs with a balanced character for the function of prevention or repression if circumstances so require, leaving it up to you to choose the type of animal you need for your objectives throughout the country.

The differences between civilian and police dogs are as follows:

  1. The animals of civil use, that we offer you, possess a basic training in discipline and obedience realizing exercises next to the guide. Example: SIT, STAY, LIE DOWN, WALK TOGETHER, BARK AND INTIMIDATE TO THE ORDER, etc.
  2. Animals for police use, perform the same exercises as the previous ones, with the variant of ATTACK, GUIDE OF THE DELINQUENT, RECOGNITION OF CUTTING WEAPONS AND FIREARMS, CARE OF OBJECTS, etc.

In both cases, these dogs may carry a basket type of muzzle, for greater safety.

In all the cases and if you require it, we will give you a set of photocopies of all the sanitary archive of the animals that are fulfilling functions in each one of their objectives. With the endorsement of our veterinary team, we demonstrate the optimal state of these specimens, allowing total transparency in the treatment and attention to them, attaching a certificate of suitability of the guide.