Sale of dogs trained for safety, substances and rescue

With this service you have the possibility to choose the dog that you need for your company, or if you prefer Von Haus L´ Huillier S.R.L. will guide you for the purchase of the indicated dog.

Our function is to advise you for the purchase of the right dog attaching a copy of the Pedigree Document.

Avoiding in this way the purchase of animals that later have serious problems such as ¨lack of character, dysplasia¨, etc.

In this way you are guaranteed the quality of the dogs that take care of your company, leaving only the training of future guides. These guides may be employees or selected by a Security Company, being Von Haus L´Huillier S.R.L., if you wish, the Company that trains the staff and provides after sales services.

The advantage of this system is that the puppy will be raised in the place that will be developed later, giving you the total tranquility and confidence of the character and development of the dog making its function more effective.

In the after sales service you will find the solution to the inconveniences that involve the attention and care of the animal, leaving this function to our charge for a small monthly fee.

This service includes periodic baths, delivery of food, annual vaccination, training update and further specialization of the animal.

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