Training for family homes and businesses

This service was created due to the high degree of insecurity that plagues our country in recent times.

The service gives you the possibility of having a dog trained for security in your property or business, giving greater peace of mind and reliability to your family.

If you own a guard dog which needs to be trained by us, all you have to do is request an interview. An advisor from our Company will then visit you, evaluate your dog and inform you about the best training for that dog.

The trainings and specializations are not the same for all animals, so it is necessary to have a first impression of your pet, before starting with a job specializing in guarding.

The selection of the training of the dog will be more specific with that method. First, we must do a survey of the current functions of your business and what duties you want your pet to be able to take care of in your establishment.

That’s why you will always be visited by our specialist in security training, if the situation allows it.

We are at your entire disposal to solve your problems of canine safety with the professionalism and suitability that characterizes us.

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