Training of dog guides

At this point we want to clarify the importance of the knowledge acquired by the guide, which is essential for us, as well as the application of them making use of the Legal Concepts learned in these courses.

It is for this reason that we wish to inform you that the person you choose to assume this important responsibility must previously possess the necessary conditions regarding his temperamental level. It will be BALANCED. Being of extreme importance is the psychological examination and the physical form. They are essential requirements for the optimal handling of our dogs.

The age is an important point to consider for a good guide, because the demands of the work to be done so require it. Previous statistical studies and an experience of 20 years training guides have shown us that the ages between 22 and 40 years are ideal.

The guide will learn everything concerning the handling of dogs in terms of discipline and obedience for civil and police use, including the handling of dogs trained for attack. Therefore, the physical condition is very important.

In all professions it is necessary to get experience by training every day to be able to continue growing both personally and in the work place. This is the reason why we provide a complete and update training to the guides. This will allow them to be prepared to face any situation in reference to their work.

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