Transfer of dogs

This service is performed throughout the year and in the whole country with the methodology door to door, TRAVEL ONLY THE PET, you should only book the service on time, in order to preserve your date of travel.

The pet must have the anti-rabies certificate and a certificate of good health issued by your veterinarian.

Consult the current promotions.

Our Company is dedicated, among other services, to provide the TRANSFER OF ANIMALS DOOR TO DOOR.
This will allow you to choose the place of your vacation and not worry about how your dog travel.

Normally the largest amount of traffic is to the coasts of Argentina, that is why the demand for trips to these tourist places grows during the months of December to March.

Because of this our Company recommends to call with anticipation to make a reservation of the trip of your dog.

The animals that travel in our unit of transfer don’t have to be sedated, the vehicle has the necessary elements for the comfort of the animal, making periodic stops between the place of departure and arrival, so that the animal can do their deeds.

We hope that it is of your pleasing interest and at the moment of your choosing you have a variety of possibilities, giving you the tranquility of our experience and trajectory.